This healing session is available to you and/or your animal-companion to help manifest soul growth, transformation, and healing in your life on any level. It also offers the support and guidance to strengthen the relationship and bond between you and your animal.

Animals live in the energetic plane and are extremely sensitive to the environments and feelings around them. By reprogramming ourselves positively and learning tools to help re-balance and heal ourselves in mind, body, and spirit, we not only see our life improve in many areas, but affect our beloved animal companions drastically. Through our personal growth, we offer these gentle and sensitive souls a sense of calming love, security, balance, happiness, and an overall healthier physical well-being.


Animals teach us to be better humans. They have a distinct life purpose, as do we, to contribute to the uplifting and balance of this world. 

It is my belief, that when we truly allow the expanding and enriching transformation process to occur between our animal and human relationships, it helps not only to brighten their well-being and emotional/physical bodies, but in turn can help to heal the human spirit emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

When we allow this beautiful symbiotic connection to open our hearts and minds to the possibility of healing on these four levels within us, we invite in the opportunity to heal our wounds, help us grow more into our highest self, and begin that journey further into our heart. For where there is healing occurring, peace may follow. 

If you feel ready to navigate this special relationship between you and your animal companion, would like to understand the soul contract between you, and are looking to bring overall balance and light into your life, please contact me, as I would be honored to be part of this journey with you and your animal-companion.

Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.
— Tori Amos

*All sessions are private and confidential.

*This service is travel-based and provided in the comfort of your home. Travel fees may apply.

*This service is by appointment only. Although I can't always predict when my services are needed, to ensure availability, advance notice is most recommended. I will do my very best to accommodate your needs. 

Both animals and humans benefit from her knowledge and wisdom. Not only is she a very skilled and intelligent individual, but she is sensitive and empathetic and will pick up on energy that can aid a situation in healing and restoring balance more efficiently. She has a calming effect and brings ease and compassion into difficult situations.
— Ana S.
Her honest, loving approach is one of the things we appreciate the most about Rhiannon. She has so much compassion and kindness that drives her to do what she loves. Her deep understanding of the animal-human bond is special and unique.
— Christy R.
I personally was dealing with my own medical issues and after seeing several doctors, I did not begin feeling better until I had a meeting with Rhiannon. Since then I have taken her advice and have been literally living a new life. I believe Rhiannon has an ability to see and understand people and animals on a different level. On a level of health and energy she is my go-to healer! There is no doctor or health consultant who has helped me more than Rhiannon has done for me consistently over the years. She is an amazing healer and an incredibility loving person.
— L. Douglas