This comforting service offers you guidance and support during any time when you feel your animal-companion needs an advocate. 


No matter how wonderful your veterinarian may be, a visit to your veterinary hospital can be stressful at times for both you and your pet. It can bring feelings of anxiety, worry, confusion, and fear for both the animal and the person.  

There can be concern about finances, fully understanding estimates and treatments, and questions about if you are making the right decision about your beloved friend and family member's overall well-being. Or maybe your pet just needs loving and calming attention to ease any stress while you focus on talking to your veterinarian. 

Whatever you or your pet may be feeling, I am here to provide you both with comfort and guidance through the process. 


I can be present at your veterinary appointment to support you and your animal companion from start to finish to: 

  • Help explain estimates and treatment protocols more clearly to you 

  • Ask medically-directed questions to the veterinarian for further clarity about the prognosis or outcome to help support you with any decision making 

  • Hold and care for your animal with loving attention while you connect with the vet

Whatever your needs are, I am here to help make this experience as easy and low stress as possible for you and your animal companion.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
— Mahatma Gandhi

*This service is travel-based. Travel fees may apply. 


*This service is by appointment only. Although I can't always predict when my services are needed, to ensure availability, advance notice is most recommended. I will do my very best to accommodate you and your animal companion's needs.

We rescued a pair of Border Collies who were terribly abused. Then Rhiannon rescued us!
— Jeffrey W.
Ray has been coming into my home for the past couple of years both as part of an in-home pet care team and individually to keep my 18 year old arthritic kitty’s nails trimmed and to consult about ongoing issues. She has a calming way about her that helps both my cat and I. She’s earned my trust and my confidence as a result of our continuing interactions.
— Dianne