One of the most challenging times one can experience in this life is the great loss felt by the passing of a beloved animal companion. The love they offer is truly unconditional, and saying goodbye can leave a wound felt so very deeply. It is from this wound that the light of healing has an opportunity to enter your heart-space, and aid in the healing journey over time.


With grief, we heal through feeling. As the emotions are embraced, they have a way of revealing more of your self to you and expanding your heart even greater. We all need supportive air under our wings during this time of sadness, and I believe Love is the greatest healer of all.

This healing session is available to you and your beloved animal companion during the difficult time before, during, and after their transition. With my empathy, love, compassion, and guidance, we navigate together your healing journey, while cherishing and honoring the soul-gifts your animal teacher wanted to share with you in this life. If desired, an honoring ceremony during the euthanasia process or any time in the after stage of their passing, we can personally create together.

Having worked alongside with Dr. KaLee Pasek, DVM of In Home Veterinary Care for many years, I have had the honor of being passionately part of a compassionate grief team for so many special animals and their amazing human companions.

If you feel willing to embrace loving support and guidance during such a great loss, please contact me. It would be an honor to support you during this tender time.

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.
— Rumi

*Sessions are private and confidential. 


*This service is travel-based and provided in the comfort of your home. Travel fees may apply. 


*This service is by appointment only. Although I can't always predict when my services are needed, to ensure availability, advance notice is most recommended. I will do my very best to accommodate your needs.

She is very intuitive and seems to have the ability to read animals’ thoughts. During the last phase of our beloved cat’s life, Rhiannon was a tremendous help. She is one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met.
— Cynthia Hamilton
The moment my sweet chocolate lab, Athena, met Rhiannon, their souls connected on a spiritual level. At the time, Athena was facing her first fight with cancer, but was instantly put at ease. After 3 years Athena lost her battle with cancer. Rhiannon took Athena’s urn to the beach to memorialize and celebrate her life. I have no doubt that this transition from life and the healing that followed after was made easier by Rhiannon’s positive energy and love for all animals.
— Jennie Deibert
I was lucky enough to have met Rhiannon during a time I was not yet aware would be one of the most difficult on my heart and spirit. She helped me on so many levels and was there to guide me through Ally’s transition to the next life; it was a beautiful, peaceful experience of which she made more so due to her rooted connection in unconditional love for all beings.
— Elana Weber