It has been my honor and privilege to have had Ray work with my cat Tiger, giving him his joint laser treatments [as requested per the Veterinarian] over the course of many months. Ray has not only the skillset for the technical aspects of these treatments, but perhaps most importantly has such an innate and amazing ability to lovingly interact and comfort during the treatments. Her amazing animal sense makes all the difference in the world for both pet and parent. She truly has a gift. Thank you Ray, for who you are to all animals!
— Peggy Summers
Rhiannon (aka Ray), is the most amazing, wonderful, genuine soul ever. Her compassion and passion for what she does, as well as for life, is amazing. She goes above and beyond in everything she does. Her gift with animals is outstanding; the animals love her as much as we do! Her ability to assess problems and her healing are awesome. We have been working with Ray for 6+ years. She is like family to us. Her energy is so great, so healing, and is a positive light always. She brings sunshine wherever she goes (we actually call her our Ray of Sunshine). I trust her every judgment and rely solely on her expertise with our animals. Grateful, thankful, blessed we are to have her in our world. I refer everyone I know to her. We believe in the power and the awesome beauty and gift she has. Love our Ray of Sunshine.
— Natalie and John S.
She can make cats feel comfortable and is able to coax my shy kitty out from hiding under the furniture. Ray has given me tips to solve some kitty behavioral issues. I trust Ray and know my cats are in good hands when she is caring for them.
— JS
I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Rhiannon, about two years ago, while on a camping trip with her brother and others in the beautiful Sierras. My wife and I brought our two fur-babies along. One is getting along in his years; 12 years at that time. His name is Frank. His mobility was limited. We suspected from arthritis. I realized quickly, to my delight, that she was very well versed in the veterinary field. She informed us, in laymen’s terms, the possibilities that were available that could help Frank in his later years. Medications, diet, therapy, and natural alternatives amongst other valuable information. I frankly have not ever met someone that is more passionate about helping and loving all creatures, and positive in her way of thinking. I am 100% certain, because of her, Frank is still here with us...wobbly, but happy as a lark!
— G. Leighton
We were very, very fortunate to meet Rhiannon about 9 years ago, shortly after we adopted our first kitty. Her love of animals, calm demeanor, and wealth of knowledge was quickly apparent and won our hearts and trust on many levels. Because our animals are family, going out of town can be stressful as you leave your pets behind. Rhiannon always alleviates this stress! Getting daily written or verbal updates along with pictures or videos is heartwarming and reassuring, but leaves you wondering if your pets want you to come home, or if they might prefer to live with Rhiannon! She has also educated and taught us how to do injections for one of our cats. An unfamiliar procedure became doable and successful. Thank you Rhiannon for all you do for us! Anyone who employs you will be blessed!
— D & E. Grosswirth
Our dear Katee had a slipped disc in her back and was paralyzed from the middle of her back to her tail. There was no guarantee it would work, but we opted for surgery since she was only four years old. After surgery, we contacted Rhiannon to help us with the anxiety that the dog felt after such an accident, as well as to assist us in her healing. Rhiannon was able to go into a meditative state with Katee in a silent room and see just how our dog was feeling and where she had an energy blockage. It was with this information that I was able to go to our surgeon, medical team, acupuncturist to help clear those troubled areas, assist her with muscle memory, kidney function and nerve healing. We feel very blessed to have all these great minds work together for the best outcome of our pet. After one year of watching Katee work so hard with such determination we not only saw her walk again, but she was actually running again! Not to the speed that she did, but it was a run nonetheless. She loved to run more than eating. It was part of her spirit. If I did not have Rhiannon’s help, I know I would not have seen Katee’s progress to the degree that it was. It allowed me to connect with our Katee on a level that most people never get to experience.
— Gloria S.
I moved to Ventura a year and a half ago with my 15 year old Ragdoll cat, MaggieMae. I am blessed to have found Rhiannon who comes to my house to trim Maggie’s nails. It was during one of these visits that I learned of her extensive experience in veterinary medicine, particularly alternative therapies. And most importantly is how wonderful and sweet Rhiannon treats MaggieMae who is so responsive to her. Thank you Rhiannon for the special care you bring to our animals!
— A. Ryan
It is at least 7 years that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rhiannon (Ray) Norman. I have 2 older in-home cats. Buddy isn’t the nicest around people and definitely has “catatude”. Bella is very lovable and quite patient with doctor type folks, but to get her there, well, that’s an entirely different story. To find someone who loves animals and is truly competent to come into my home every month and avoid the additional stress of taking them out of our home for care makes the experience for them, and me, a lot easier. As I said, my Buddy isn’t the most pleasant when being worked on, he growls and will scratch given the chance. Ray just knew how to handle him and with each visit and it became less stressful and easier to work with him. For Bella, while she doesn’t love to be “worked on”, she didn’t get “sick”, which is what occurred every time when placed into a crate and then driven in a car. As I got to know Ray and saw how she was around my kitties, her services extended to overnight cat-sitting, which was a blessing. To have the ability to go away for 2 or 10 nights, local or cross country, trust someone so explicitly with the care of our fur-kids and our home, gave us such piece of mind.
Yoda is a 2 1/2 year old rescued miniature French Poodle mix. He was a street dog when rescued from Cabo San Lucas. Yoda was very afraid of a lot of things especially loud noises, cars, trucks, the harness, and males. We hired Ray to help us with his training and re-socialization. As a veterinary nurse, Ray was well qualified to assess his needs and create a training plan to work on his challenges. Through her calm and patient efforts with Yoda, and us, he progressed significantly. He is no longer shy around males, streets and other noises. He is extremely playful and loving. We are so thankful for Ray and her excellent work with Yoda.
— Lorraine P.
We have a sweet 12-year-old West Highland Terrier whom Ray has treated with cold laser therapy [per the request of the veterinarian] and Reiki for weak knee ligaments and arthritis. Her consistently gentle, caring, yet firm manner enabled her to carry out these treatments with ease. Ray has been a true pleasure to work with over the nearly two years we have known her. She listens carefully and responds from a knowledgeable, loving, and well grounded perspective. She created a warm and supportive rapport with us, and our fur baby immediately trusted her. We recommend Ray without hesitation!
— Monica W.
I have been a client for many years and cannot express how grateful I am for the profound difference Ray has made in the lives of my pets and in my life. She is a remarkable visionary who finds the source of the symptoms and helps to alleviate physical and emotional suffering with the utmost love and compassion.
— Kris A.
Rhiannon has been so amazing with our pets. She really knows how to tune in and find out what they need to make them heal and be comfortable. She has a huge heart, and will treat your pets as if they were her own. Our pets just love her. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you for all your help and support.
— John M.
Ray assisted the veterinarian before, during, and after a dental cleaning procedure for our 15 year old cat, Princess Artemis. The cat had gum and teeth issues, was in a lot of pain, has thyroid problems, and can be very anxious. We wanted Princess to have extra support with the Reiki energy to help in her overall healing process. The procedure went well and Princess Artemis recovered and healed quickly, and her spirit was uplifted. We are grateful to Ray for helping to ease Princess’ discomfort. Ray is a truly capable and professional animal vet nurse and a gifted healer. Her compassionate and loving presence provided comfort and peace not only to our cat, but to us as well. We highly recommend her!
— C. Dunlap
Rhiannon is a true gem. She will amaze you with her capabilities. Both animals and humans benefit from her knowledge and wisdom. Not only is she a very skilled and intelligent individual, but she is sensitive and empathetic and will pick up on energy that can aid a situation in healing and restoring balance more efficiently. The best part is that she is trained in both the scientific and holistic approaches to wellness and integrates them into a superior approach that addresses both pet and owner and helps them find health on all levels. We were very fortunate to find Ray during a challenging time in our lives when our dear dog Duke was about to undergo double rear knee surgery. We felt nervous and scared to have our dog undergo surgery and she was an immense source of strength and reassurance. The hardest part was learning the protocol post surgery and knowing what to do. We called on Ray many times with questions and doubts, and she was always quick to help and respond with awesome advice. She has a calming effect on the animals around her and brings ease and compassion into difficult situations. We are truly blessed to have her assistance and genuine help throughout our pet’s difficult time. Thank you Rhiannon for all the patience and love that you pour into your work. We are eternally grateful.
— Ana S.
We rescued a pair of Border Collies who were terribly abused. Then Rhiannon rescued us!
— Jeffrey W.
I have known Rhiannon since 2004. She has been a wonderful, trustworthy caretaker of my animals, my home, and even my kids! I can honestly say that we think of her as part of the family. She first met my dogs when they were very young and she did a lot of pet sitting for us. As the dogs began to age, Ray was able to provide support and in-home care. Her honest, loving approach is one of the things we appreciate the most about Rhiannon. She has so much compassion and kindness that drives her to do what she loves. Her deep understanding of the animal-human bond is special and unique. It is without question that I whole-heartedly recommend Rhiannon and Animal HealingWorks.
— Christy R.
Whether pet-sitting overnight, to sharing behavioral tools for fear-aggressive animals, trimming dog nails, expressing anal glands at home, or understanding and showing compassion for the loss of a longtime furry family member—Rhiannon has been an invaluable fount of love and knowledge for me. I am forever grateful to have her in my family’s life.
— Suzanne W.
I have known Rhiannon for 20+ years. She has an amazing gift. Whether animal or human, she has the loving and caring ability and energy to help heal. I have been shocked, amazed and humbled by the things Rhiannon has been able to help me with. I personally was dealing with my own medical issues and after seeing several doctors, I did not begin feeling better until I had a meeting with Rhiannon. Since then I have taken her advise and have been literally living a new life. I am feeling much better and more healthy than I have felt in 10 years. I believe Rhiannon has an ability to see and understand people and animals on a different level. She has also given me great advice for my deaf dog. On a level of health and energy she is my go-to healer! There is no doctor or health consultant who has helped me more than Rhiannon has done for me consistently over the years. She is an amazing healer and an incredibility loving person. I would strongly recommend seeing her for any healing/wellness needs.
— L. Douglas
Ray has been coming into my home for the past couple of years both as part of an in-home pet care team and individually to keep my 18 year old arthritic kitty’s nails trimmed and to consult about ongoing issues. She has a calming way about her that helps both my cat and I. She’s earned my trust and my confidence as a result of our continuing interactions. I would not hesitate to recommend her. (My cat “Belle” likes her too!)
— Dianne
Rhiannon has been the saving grace for our household of 2 cats and one dog. Our cat is old and was in terrible pain with arthritis. He also has a cancerous growth on his front leg. On top of all that, he has chronic ear infections. For the past 3 months, Rhiannon has been treating him [per the veterinarian’s instructions] for comfort....making the best out of the things we can’t change but improving his quality of life. He is happier than I ever thought possible. Rhiannon has special gifts when it comes to animals and has made our cat happy and comfortable. As a nurse with her knowledge and as a natural healer with her special talents, she has so much to offer.
— C. McCabe
I have had the pleasure of knowing Rhiannon Norman for nine years as a care-provider to our cat. We had never hired anyone to take care of him while we were out of town and I was worried about how he would take to a complete stranger. I was stunned when he laid eyes on her and reversed his escape to come and lie down at her feet, belly exposed for her to rub. It was then that I began to understand the amazing connection Rhiannon has with animals of all classes. She is very intuitive and seems to have the ability to read animals’ thoughts. Our cat was always well looked-after while we were away. He got lots of quality attention from Rhiannon, as documented by the photos she sent us daily. During the last phase of our beloved cat’s life, Rhiannon was a tremendous help. Through her vast knowledge of veterinary medicine, she was able to interpret and explain the various stages of his decline and support us as we tried to do the best for him. She is one of the kindest, most giving people I have ever met. I believe anyone who engages her services will be grateful they chose her.
— Cynthia Hamilton
I would like to extend my truest and deepest recommendation of Rhiannon as an animal healer. The moment my sweet chocolate lab, Athena, met Rhiannon, their souls connected on a spiritual level. At the time, Athena was facing her first fight with cancer, but was instantly put at ease. After surgery Rhiannon was attentive, kind, and gentle with both of us. I was unsure of how to face this next step of my pups’ life, but knew I was in good hands. After 3 years Athena lost her battle with Cancer. Rhiannon jumped in without hesitation to help me keep my last promise to Athena. My water-loving lab needed one last swim at her favorite beach and Ventura was just to far for me to travel. Rhiannon took Athena’s urn to the beach to memorialize and celebrate her life. I have no doubt that this transition from life and the healing that followed after was made easier by Rhiannon’s positive energy and love for all animals.
— Jennie Deibert
Rhiannon has been treating [at the veterinarian’s request] my 13 year old Golden Retriever with cold laser therapy for several weeks now. She is definitely responding to the treatment and to Rhiannon’s TLC. She has a very special connection with animals.
— S. Wood
I was lucky enough to have met Rhiannon during a time I was not yet aware would be one of the most difficult on my heart and spirit. Unknowingly then, I would soon have to make an incredibly heartbreaking decision to let go of my baby girl Ally (my cat of 12 years) due to her little body failing her from FIV. Upon our first encounter during a house visit to assess Ally’s health, I felt an immediate warmth from Rhiannon which just radiated pure compassion and love. She had such a gentle way and Ally immediately took to her beautiful spirit - she was absolutely calmed by her presence; as was I. Having harnessed this energy coupled with her intelligence, knowledge and understanding of all animals’ needs is truly a gift I was fortunate to experience. She helped me on so many levels and was there to guide me through Ally’s transition to the next life; it was a beautiful, peaceful experience of which she made more so due to her rooted connection in unconditional love for all beings. For anyone who is looking for some clarity regarding your baby’s needs, an understanding of what they may be going through, a person who genuinely cares about your pet as well as yourself and wants to help and can heal on all levels, or you simply need an amazing vet tech, without any hesitation, I recommend that person be Rhiannon Norman.
— Elana Weber